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Three things that every developer should do!

From my previous experience as a developer, I have learned three important things that I would like to share with you.

  • Errors
  • Errors
  • Errors

Yes, you read it right. I have written errors three times. ( It’s not an error ). Let me tell you why I did so.

1. Errors

Make them your friends

Yes, you read it right, Friends. Because I have seen developers who get nervous or lose their control. When you make them your friend, you will feel comfortable while you get them. And It’s easy to deal with them when you know them well. ( This rule applies in real life too !!! ).

2. Errors

Read errors carefully

Many times what happens is, We need to complete the task according to deadlines. And at the last moment when we think everything is working fine and then Boom!! We get so many errors, and we get nervous over there, and you get worried about that, and without reading those errors, we start working on it and try to solve it quickly. But when you get hyper, you take too much time to solve a small error/issue. So READ ERRORS CAREFULLY.

3. Errors

See them as an opportunity.

Yes, errors are the opportunity. When we solve the errors, we get more confidence in coding, and we learn something. And those errors only can help you to get hands-on coding.
Thank you for reading this.

Surprise !!!

If you follow this, I can assure you that you can learn any programming language, even if you are starting your career as a developer !.

Keep Practicing, Keep coding !!

ERROR: Take you one step ahead towards success.