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11 free AI tools that will make you unstoppable

1: Make custom memes with Super Meme.

Lacking meme inspiration?

  • Write a sentence
  • Describe an emotion
  • Upload your own image if you want

Your own custom meme in 2 minutes.

Surface Gradient powered normal map operations.

2: Restore old pictures with Hotpot.

Have an old photo you’d like to improve?

Upload it to


  • Remove scratches
  • Sharpen images
  • Repair gaps

Transforms your damaged photos.

3: Create amazing images with DallE 2

Have an idea in your head for an image?

  • Type in the description
  • Be as specific as you can
  • It’ll search for existing images Or generate new ones for you now

The AI stock photographer you always wanted

4: Easily take notes with Sembly.

Need meeting notes?

  • Generates meeting summaries
  • Automates your minutes
  • Shares with your team

Integrates across all platforms.

5: Check out your competition with Browse Ai.

Need info on your rivals?

  • Scrape posts from Medium
  • Get lists of YouTube videos
  • Extract company info from LinkedIn

Make your research easy.

6: Improve your public speaking skills with Poised.

Are you a nervous presenter?

Get coaching with

  • Record
  • Get feedback
  • Track your progress

Watch your skills improve.

7: Separate audio tracks with Lalal.

Have a music track you want to separate?

Just upload the track

It extracts the vocals and separates each instrument.

No need for fancy editing tools.

8: Edit out parts of photos with Magic Eraser.

Have a great photo but with something annoying in the background?

Remove it easily:

  • Upload the photo
  • Select the part you don’t want
  • Press ‘erase’

And voila. It’s gone.

9: Create professional videos with Synthesia.

Need a video quickly?

  • Add your text
  • Use templates
  • Edit it as needed

You’ll get an AI-generated video within minutes.

10: Create unique music with Soundraw.

Need some music for your video?

  • Choose your mood
  • Choose the genre
  • Choose a length
  • Edit if needed

Now you’ve got your own AI music.

11: Create a new friend with Replika.

Feeling lonely?

  • Build your own AI
  • The more you chat the more they learn
  • Express yourself and build a human-AI bond

Is this the future?

TL;DR 11 free AI tools that will make you unstoppable.

  • 1: Super Meme

  • 2: Hotpot

  • 3: DallE 2

  • 4: Sembly

  • 5: Browse AI

  • 6: Posied

  • 7: Lalal

  • 8: Magic Eraser

  • 9: Synthesia

  • 10: Soundraw

  • 11: Replika

Credit : Tessa Davis